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Focus on Core Business / Supplies Liquidation

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In order to maintain profitability and strengthen our market position as the leading manufacturer of inks, we will be ceasing sales and distribution of supplies not related to our core pursuits.  Therefore, we will discontinue distribution of various items in our product line as of November 30, 2016. In the future we will be concentrating on development, manufacture and distribution of our inks.

The following items will be exceptions.  These items are components closely related to our core business and thus we will continue to offer.




Cartclip with GelPad for Canon PG510/CL511/PG512/CL513/ PG545/CL546


Cartclip with GelPad for Canon PG40/CL41/PG50/CL51/PG540/CL541/CL52/PG37/CL38


Cartclip with BluePad f. HP-Printhead Cartridges HP 21,22,27,28,54,56,57,58,59,100,101,110,300,301,342


Clip green for HP 336/337/338/339/342/343/344/348/100/101/102/110/350/351/300/301/901


Clip black for HP 6615/ 51645


X-Clip yellow for Canon PG510/CL511


X-Clip black for HP 6656/6657/6658/8727/8728/21/22/336/337/338/339/342/343/344/348/110/901


Replacement-Pad for X-Clips CLXC2122/ CLXC0511/ CLCC5657


Cap for Canon PGI550 / PGI570


Cap for Canon CLI551 / CLI571


Cap for Canon CLI8/ Canon CLI521/ CLI526/ HP 364 colour/Canon BCI6/ BCI3 colour/ Canon CLI221


Cap for Canon PGI5/ PGI520/PGI525/ BCI3e black/HP 364/920 black


Metal Ball Plug for HP 6615/51645 / Canon BCI3/BCI6/PGI5/CLI8


Plastic Ball Plug for HP 10/ 11/ 88/ 364/ 920 / 940 / Canon CLI8, BCI3, PGI5 series


Nozzle Tape blue 10mm x 100m


Nozzle Tape blue 13mm x 200m


Nozzle Tape blue 20mm x 200m


Replacement Chip for HP 364XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 364XL photoblack


Replacement Chip for HP 364XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 364XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 364XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 364 black LY


Replacement Chip for HP 364 photoblack LY


Replacement Chip for HP 364 cyan LY


Replacement Chip for HP 364 magenta LY


Replacement Chip for HP 364 yellow LY


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY mate schwarz


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY photo schwarz


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY cyan


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY gray


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY magenta


Resetable Replacement Chip for HP 72 HY yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 920XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 920XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 920XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 920XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 932XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 933XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 933XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 933XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 934XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 935XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 935XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 935XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 940XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 940XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 940XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 940XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 950XL black


Replacement Chip for HP 951XL cyan


Replacement Chip for HP 951XL magenta


Replacement Chip for HP 951XL yellow


Replacement Chip for HP 970XL black (SCC)


Replacement Chip for HP 971XL cyan (SCC)


Replacement Chip for HP 971XL magenta (SCC)


Replacement Chip for HP 971XL yellow (SCC)

As of October 24, 2016 we will begin a sale offering all discontinued inventory items.  Find in the attachment available merchandise along with the sales prices.  These sales will be based on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.  When inventories are sold out they will not be back ordered and therefore unavailable.  Any backorders existing as of the date above will be cancelled.  We apologize for any inconvenience should there be any delays in processing your orders during this liquidation process.

In the event you need information as to where to purchase these items in the future please contact us and we will gladly forward contact information regarding suppliers. The OCP Online Store will still continue to exist! 

We look forward to continuing a positive working relationship.

The OCP Team


ISO 9001:2015 certification successful completed

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OCP GmbH is one of the first companies to convert to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 quality management system. This change signifies OCP now operates according to the latest industry standards. The implementation of these new requirements will be compulsory as of 2018. OCP again demonstrates its commitment to innovation and adherence to the highest of measures by adopting these changes immediately. The company has already been certified for over ten years in following the TUV quality management system.

OCP’ s goal has been and remains always to provide the highest levels of quality control in production and in customer service. With this rapid transition to the latest standards we can clearly document our continuing commitment to our objectives.



Paperworld was a great success for OCP

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Carsten EdelmeierAnd sales manager Carsten won the rising star award

We want to thank all customers and suppliers, as well as all other people and companies who came and visited us in Frankfurt over the past 4 days at Paperworld.

In terms of free beer we gave away, it was fantastic. You almost drank us dry. In terms of talks and visits, it was spectacular as we had so much good feedback and talks over these days which was not expected.


The biggest honor was to our sales manager Carsten, who won the rising star of the year award. Over 27.000 votes came in from the industry for the various categories.

Nominated in the same category with Zoltan from Uninet and Sophie from SCC e.g., it is very much appreciated that at least one more voted came in for Carsten.

Thanks to all who voted for OCP and Hasan in the other categories and a special thanks from Carsten to those who voted for him!

We are all looking forward seeing you next year again in Frankfurt




Franking machines – the other Business Inkjet

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Franking machines come in a variety of sizes ranging from small desktop units for franking a few pieces of mail each day to large, industrial-strength machines that can frank thousands of pieces of mail each hour. Meanwhile most desktop devices as well as certain high volume machines are based on inkjet print engines. 

Machines are basically categorized by the volume of mail they frank:


- High-volume: more than 2.000 pieces per day

- Mid-volume: 200 to 2.000 pieces per day

- Low-volume: under 200 pieces per day


Inks used to frank mail must be specially formulated to meet specific country mail providers requirements. The inks must be blue or a certain Pantone, or red and fluoresce when exposed to a certain frequency of light so the mail piece can be processed using high-speed sorting equipment. Franking inks are also formulated to meet the demands of different devices. Low-volume postage machines, for example, can go long periods without printing, so they employ ink with more humectants to keep the nozzles in the print heads from being clogged by dried inks. Higher-speed machines may require inks with faster drying times. 


There is a real aftermarket nowadays for high quality franking cartridges. OCP meanwhile has a broad range of inks for franking machines. Some of the major remanufacturers of franking cartridges work with OCP inks. 

Please contact us if you are interested in OCP inks or high quality finished franking cartridges, we will be happy to help you source them. 


Your OCP Sales Team

OCP’s Carsten Edelmeier spoke at Remax Zhuhai

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Carsten EdelmeierOur Sales Manager Carsten Edelmeier held a speech at the resent Summit in Zhuhai. The presentation titled “Advantages of new inkjet technology – are they a thread to toner” was followed by over 100 people in the audience. Reduced waste, reduced cost, environment friendly inkjet devices are the major demand driver for business in the office. As HP pushing the office strategy for inkjet printers forward, others are trying to keep up, with Canon and their Maxify series and Epson with their Workforce series are just jumping on board the raising demand for business in the office.


Carsten’s presentation will be available through RT Media (www.irecyclingtimes.com)