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Customer News 03-09-05

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OCP Pigment Ink BKP 89 for HP 338/339 also released for 94/96

As a part of our Customer Information 007/53/04 OCP informed about the availabilty of BKP 89, a new designed pigment ink especially for use in the HP No. 338/339 cartridges. These two cartridges belong to the "zone 2" set of HP´s "Generation II" cartridges (8-ink-printing-system). After extensive field tests, OCP´s R&D has now released BKP 89 to be also suitable for HP No. 94 (zone 1 counterpart of No. 338) and No. 96 (zone 1 counterpart of No. 339). The OEM ink capacities are 11 ml (No. 94) and 21ml (No. 96); foam material is polyether. As far as OCP is informed, the HP 94 and 96 cartridges match with the
HP printers of the following series: - Deskjet 6540
- Deskjet 5740
- Photosmart 8150
- Photosmart 8450 For detailled information please check the OCP compatibility list for HP printers which is availalbe at the OCP website (www.ocp-online.de) as well as upon request. Please send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or contact your personal sales representative at OCP. Samples are - as always - available on demand in 0,5kg packaging. For individual samples and quantities please inform us about your detailled demand. Your OCP Sales team!