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Customer News 04_09_05

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Visit OCP at Remax: You are welcome to join OCP´s world of inks! Since the first year when it took place in Paris 2001, OCP has a temporary "European Office" at Remax. This year OCP´s addtional "office" is located from March, 16-18 at
                                       Remax Hall 1, Section A, Booth # 66
Last year we invited our customers, partners and interested persons of our industry to share the time with us and to "talk about ink-jet inks". Also this year we welcome you to do the same: Please prepare yourself with your particular questions around your personal "world of inks"! The whole OCP team will be ready to discuss all of your issues: 1) For technical, chemical and processing topics  our R&D staff will be available for you with all their experience and professional expertise.
2) For commercial questions, OCP´s sales representatives as well as the administration is looking forward to your demands. Our aim is: No question should be kept unanswered!  But in case you do not find the time to go to Barcelona (or at the end time at Remax does not  last to finish discussions), we will find another way to keep in contact with you! Hasta luego in Barcelona! Your OCP Sales team (we always have a cold german beer or another drink ready for you!)