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Customer News 05-11-05

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Green and Red OCP inks for Canon BCI-6G / BCI-6R now available

After Canon introduced their first 7- and 8-color printers in 2004 (which all work with their successful "Single-Ink" technology), OCP's R&D started development of the uncommon green and red inks which are required for the equivalent cartridges BCI-6G and BCI-6R. As informed by earlier newsletters, Canon (like other OEM) wants to improve photorealism printouts by enlarging the color space of their ink-jet printing technology. The new basic colors green and red enlarge the color gamut into new dimensions which have not been existing before. The new designed OCP inks therefore are: - IJ-G10 Dye-based ink green for BCI-6G
- IJ-R10 Dye-based ink red for BCI-6R Like all the other BCI-6 cartridges, the OEM filling amount is 13 ml each.

For more details, please open the following PDF newsletter.