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Newsletter 03-29-05

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Revolution in Ink-Jet Technology - 170 Colour Pages per Minute / Canon builds huge plant in Japan to keep technology secrets safe

Revolution in Ink-Jet Technology - 170 Colour Pages per Minute In 2003 Brother past the 10 year plan (Global Vision 21) with the target to become a highly profitable wordwide leading manufacturer of office equipment. The turnover of the affilated group of Brother shall increase from about 3.2 billion Euro in the fiscal year 2005 up to 9 billion Euro in 2012.

Therefore Brother invested over the last three years about half a billion Euro in R&D. One result is a revolutionary printhead for ink-jet printers which makes the printers become a page printer instead of the conventional line printing system. That means that the printhead does not move anymore line by line over the paper, but the paper is just passing through the printer like in an todays LED toner printer.

The printhead (developed together with Kyocera) is extremely fast and can print up to 170 color pages per minute according to Brother. The "world-wide leading technology", as Brother Manager Shigeki Ishikawa lionizes, could be an important impact to the environmental protecture program of the Brother combine.

It will take some more time till the technology reaches market maturity. Brother thinks about placing this technolgy in multi function devices and looks for partners and further possible applications.

(Source: "Frankfurter Rundschau" Newspaper, 17.07.2005)

Canon builds huge plant in Japan to keep technology secrets safe

Canon, the world’s top maker of copiers and laser printers, plans to build a factory in southwestern Japan with one of ist largest investments ever at about 80 billion yen (HK$5.7 billion).

Construction will begin in the first half on next year in Iota prefecture to boost production of cartridges and ink used in copiers and printers, said the Nihon Keizai newspaper, with production to start in January 2007.

A Canon spokesman confirmed a plant a plant would be buil in Iota, where it has other factories, though details would be provided today by president Fujio Mitarai. Canon gets the bulk of ist profits from ink, cartridges and other so.called consumables. It currently produces these at eight Japanese locations and three overseas plants. Canon apparently decided to build the factory in Japan to prevent its technologies fromleaking to other firms.

(Source: "The Standard", Hongkong, 17.07.2005)

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