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Customer Info 19-37-05

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New OCP "V-Edition" inks available for HP´s brandnew Vivera Photosmart 8250

New OCP "V-Edition" inks available for HP´s brandnew Vivera Photosmart 8250

"HP invent" - this slogan of HP becomes now more and more reality for the hardcopy industry. HP becomes more and more inventive by designing new, different printing  systems, changing their traditional policy of bubble jet printing systems completely.

While in the past integrated print heads were the domain of HP, the recently launched "Photosmart 8250" looks very similar to an Epson printer with reference to the permanent print head and the single ink tanks as supplies. But: traditionally the HP systems is a thermal ink-jet, and the Vivera inks are all dye-based, not pigment inks!

OCP has already finished very extensive R&D work on this new system, and we are a little proud to present the following new "V-Edition" inks for the HP Photosmart 8250 that soon:


OEM Cartridge


OCP Ink(s)

Photosmart 8250


Black (LC)

BK 90


Black (HC)

BK 90



C 93


Cyan Light

CL 94



Y 93



M 93


Magenta Light

ML 94

All cartridges have also "short numbers" which are identical for all colours, but which are regionalized world-wide as the former Vivera cartridges. Please check our recent newsletter 07-37-05 for details about these cartridge regions.

An updated compatibility list for HP printers is availalbe at the OCP website www.ocp.de as well as upon request. Please send an email to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! or contact your personal sales representative at OCP.

Samples are - as always - available on demand in 0,5kg packaging. For individual samples and quantities please informus about your detailled demand.

Your OCP Sales team!

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