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Newsletter 01-14-06

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Lexmark released a new Business Multi-Function Ink-Jet Printer

Lexmark released a new Business Multi-Function Ink-Jet Printer

Lexmark's X7350 all-in-one printer is pitched as a complete business solution, designed to provide the most cost-conscious small office/home office (SOHO) customers with an easy-to-use combination of performance, functionality and photo features.

The Lexmark X7350, available from mid of April at a price of app. 200 Euros, is said to print up to 25 pages B/Wand 19 color pages per minute with an automatic document feeder that can handle a maximum of 50 pages for hands-free faxing/copying. This all-in-one device combines the abilities of an Inkjet Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax. The Lexmark X7350 is also network capable, with optional Ethernet and wireless network adapters to connect to an existing office network.

The new printer combines 6 colors of Lexmark´s Evercolor inks. The Evercolor Technology offers extraordinary quality of photo prints und guarantees a UV-stability of 65 years under glass and until 200 years in a photo album, says Lexmark.

The high-tech printheads, with up to 604 nozzles, allow printing of variable drop sizes between 3 and 10 picoliter. The nozzles are placed shiftily; failing nozzles are dynamically "replaced" by spare nozzles.

OCP refill inks are already available from stock as mentioned below. In comparison to the OEM, the OCP inks easily keep up with the OEMinks´ properties and requirements.

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