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Customer Info 14-44-06

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Fraud at Ebay market place - Fake OCP inks offered from Ebay blackleg


Fraud at Ebay market place - Fake OCP inks offered from Ebay blackleg
The World Wide Web as virtual marketplace has meanwhile become a serious competition for traditional business models. While catalog shopping is already known for years and takes a certain share of the business of "real" shops in downtown areas and shopping malls, virtual shopping sites such as "Ebay" take more and more share ot the traditional trade.
Distance is not longer an issue as parcel services transport items purchased online within a few days around the globe.
What becomes more and more an issue is the offer of faked and imitated products as well as fraud of ebay members who propose goods which they finally don´t supply.
Recently (October 2006) OCP has an issue with an Hong-Kong based Ebay member named "cis.supply.hk" (former Ebay-name: http_ink.supply.hk) who is offering Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS) for HP, Canon and Epson printers, advertising that his products are not the cheapest products because they contain OCP inks made in Germany. The auctions which have already ran out (accessable by checking the votes given from buyers) still contain the OCP logo and link to the OCP website.
We want to clarify that the CISS offered from "http_ink.supply.hk" does not contain OCP inks and that these CISS are not approved to be compatible with OCP inks. Furthermore, we have a negative indication that the Silicon tubes used from the a.m. supplier interact in a negative way with inks in general and with OCP inks as well.
When finding an indication at online marketplaces such as Ebay, that any offered aftermarket ink product is said to contain OCP inks, please ask for an official OCP approval. If this cannot be given from the supplier, please contact the OCP headquarter to notify a potential fraud. OCP will react immediately.
We want to emphasize that fraud activities of Ebay members with reference to OCP (especially the use of the registered trademark "OCP") definitely have serious consequences for blacklegs.
Thank You very much for your co-operation!

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