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Newsletter 05-18-07

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Epson develops a new piezo printhead - not only to reach higher printing speed


Epson develops a new piezo printhead - not only to reach higher printing speed

Epson has announced the development of a new piezo crystal, which is 35% smaller than the previous.  Thereby the production of clearly more compact and faster printheads shall be possible in the future.

The new generation of this piezo head can be characterized by a significantly higher plasticity of the piezo element, as Epson says.

Piezo crystals, which are expanding resp. deforming under application of electricity, are responsible for drop shapes and ink dosage in an Epson printhead. A higher flexibility of the material the elements are made of is leading to an increasing printing speed.

By the improved piezo element, the minimization of the printheads should also be possible. As a positive side effect the space requirement of the nozzles is decreasing too, so the packing density from up to now 180 nozzles per inch can be doubled to 360 nozzles per inch, which is inducing a more precise printing image.
Following Epson, the new printheads presumably will not find their way into desktop printers. Epson is aiming at applications which had been unreacheable to inkjet printers by now, for example in the industry for special labeling applications.

More information regarding this issue you can find in the internet upon the Epson website using the following link:


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