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Newsletter 03-31-08

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New HP cartridges - the regionalization and differentation carries on


New HP cartridges - the regionalization and differentation carries on

In September 2004 HP started to regionalize their inkjet cartridges. Depending on the region a printer and the corresponding cartridges are being sold, the cartridge numbers are differentiating. Therefore they subdivided the world into 4 regions:

Region 1: North America, Latin America and Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan, China and India)
Region 2: Western Europe
Region 3: CIS, Middle East, Africa and Japan
Region 4: China and India

Short time ago, HP again released a new set of regionalized cartridges, this time additionally differentiated by two different ink volumes per cartridge. The new types of cartridges are:

Region 1
Region 2
Region 3
Region 4
Page Yield*
Black SC
CC640WA (No.60)
200 pages
3-Color SC
CC641WA (No.60)
165 pages
Black HC
CC643WA (No.60XL)
CC643EE (No.300XL)
600 pages
3-Color HC
CC644WA (No.60XL)
CC644EE (No.300XL)
440 pages

*Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 24712, printed on the corresponding ISO test chart

These cartridges are going to be used in the following HP Deskjet printers: D2530, D2545, D2560, D2563, D2568, F4240 and F4280. As shown above, both cartridges (black and 3-color) are available as standard and high capacity version. The standard ones are very similar to the already known HP C9362 (No.92, 336,132,850) resp. HP C9364 (No.98, 337, 129, 851). They are containing small sized foams with only a little amount of ink – the HP CC641 for example only 5ml. The high capacity cartridges on the other hand are similar to the HP C8765 (No.94, 338, 131, 852) resp. HP C9363 (No.97, 344, 134, 857).

Additionally HP is starting to differentiate in their existing cartridges also. For example they are about to release high capacity versions of the HP C9351 and HP C9352 cartridges. As a result the standard capacity ones have been “renamed” and are now called C9351A and C9352A, whereas the new high capacity cartridges are named as C9351C and C9352C. In some regions of the world, where the purchasing power of   the population is very low, they also released a cheaper version of the black cartridge, called C9351B. This version in opposite to every other is containing only dye based ink.


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