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OCP awarded “Distributor of the year 2012” prize

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OCP awarded the “Distributor of the year 2012” prize during its three days distributor convention in Essen from November 26th through 28th. 

As extraordinary results require extraordinary actions OCP’s General Manager Horst-Gerh. Edelmeier awarded the prizes not only for one distributor, but for two out of OCP’s 29 distributors.

Due to the fantastic results and developments within their territories, the following OCP distributors have been awarded “OCP Distributor of the year 2012”:

- Mr. Nikita Kharchenko, owner of BURSTEN, OCP distributor in Russia, for outstanding performance in developing the OCP brand in Russia and for clearly positioning OCP as being THE top brand in the market

- Mr. Fatih Mehmet Akici, owner of Akici Inkjet and Laser Techn. Ind., OCP distributor in Turkey, for outstanding achievements in recovering the sale of OCP inks with a remarkable new and unusual marketing strategy

They have received a heavy trophy, one that is not only an award for the both of them, but an award for both of their teams in Turkey and Russia, which worked hard throughout the year to be successful.


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