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OCP attending distributor seminar in Ukraine

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OCP attending distributor seminar in Ukraine

SINT Ltd., OCP`s exclusive distributor in Ukraine, organized an ink seminar in Kiev on 12th July, promoting their new business concept and revealing their new strategy for the Ukrainian market.

Industry members from all over the country followed the invitation and took part in this event.

In his opening remarks, Vladimir Kaminsky, CEO of SINT Ltd. outlined their new strategy to promote OCP in the Ukraine.

Further speakers in their presentations dealt with various issues related to OCP products, internet marketing in the Ukraine, about how to work with retail customers, the new SINT online store, etc.

During the forum, speakers from SINT shared their experience in the market, using new tactics - focused on retail customers and were giving advice on the use of this tactic in the regions.

2A speaker from OCP Germany informed about the latest releases of OCP products and gave an insight view about OCP’s production, quality control and the irrefutable advantages of OCP inks.

In the second part of the forum the best performing customers from SINT were awarded with inkjet printers and MFPs from different  manufacturers.

The seminar was closed with an open discussion where everyone could express their views on the issues raised during the event and where all questions were answered by the experts from OCP Germany and SINT Ltd.

All attendees enjoyed the seminar and were very satisfied with the topics being presented. Many of them expressed their wish to host such events in regular intervals which was agreed by Mr. Kaminsky.